Home Doctor


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Inside “Home Doctor” you will discover the DIY medical procedures and vital medical supplies you need to have on hand to take care of common health problems and emergencies at home, while waiting for an ambulance to arrive or in the next crisis when doctors and medicines may be hard to come by.

Empower yourself with essential health knowledge using the “Home Doctor” eBook. This comprehensive guide brings medical expertise into your hands, offering practical advice and insights to address common health concerns at home. From first aid to managing minor ailments, this eBook equips you with the information needed to make informed decisions about your well-being. Whether you’re a caregiver or an individual seeking to enhance your health literacy, “Home Doctor” provides a valuable resource for understanding symptoms, administering basic care, and knowing when professional help is necessary. Download the eBook now and take charge of your health with confidence, creating a healthier and more resilient home environment.

Format: PDF BOOK If you need another format , please contact us

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Language : English

Author  : Claude Davis, Maybell Nives, Rodrigo Alterio

Date of Publication : 2021

ISBN10 ‏ : ‎ 1735481521

ISBN13 : 9781735481524


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