The Manipulated Man


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Esther Vilar’s classic polemic about the relationship between the sexes caused a sensation on its first publication. In her introduction to this revised edition, Vilar maintains that very little has changed. A man is a human being who works, while a woman chooses to let a man provide for her and her children in return for carefully dispensed praise and sex. Vilar’s perceptive, thought-provoking and often very funny look at the battle between the sexes has earned her severe criticism and even death threats. But Vilar’s intention is not misogynous: she maintains that only if women and men look at their place in society with honesty, will there be any hope for change.

Discover Esther Vilar’s controversial yet thought-provoking exploration of gender dynamics in ‘The Manipulated Man’. Delve into Vilar’s perceptive analysis of the relationship between the sexes, sparking both acclaim and controversy. Unveiling societal roles with wit and insight, Vilar challenges conventional views, urging readers to consider the dynamics of power and manipulation. Explore this timeless polemic and confront notions of gender roles, praise, and sex in this revised edition.
Format: PDF BOOK If you need another format , please contact us

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Language : English

Author  :Esther Vilar

Date of Publication : 2010

ISBN10 : 1905177178

ISBN13 : 978-1905177172


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